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Gonal-F 300
Leuprolide Kit

Recent Prices:

Gonal-F Pen 300iu* $328.00 (-10%)
Menopur 75iu vial $99.95
Cetrotide 0.25 syringe* $109.50 (-10%)
Leuprolide Kit Sandoz $660.00
Pregnyl 10,000u $129.00
Ovidrel 250ug syringe* $104.50 (-10%)
Endometrin Suppository #21 $162.00
Progest/Oil 50/ml vial $36.00

*Serono products have a 10% mail-in rebate.
Fertility drug prices are historically volatile and are subject to change without notice due to manufacturers' increases. Please call for price quotes for your specific protocol.