Todd's Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy with specialties in infertility treatments and compounding services. 

In addition to our specialty business, we stock all of the everyday drugs requested by your doctor. 

Our Experience:

Todd's Pharmacy has been in business since 1986 and has had an infertility specialty since the very early days (when Pergonal was state-of-the-art and a cycle of drugs was less than $1,000). We participate in hundreds of cycles per year and have considerable experience in drug counseling and various protocols as well as donor/gestational carrier/surrogate situations. 

Our Pricing:

Our pricing is reasonable because we buy in bulk (direct from the manufacturers, primarily) and all products come from FDA-approved sources in the USA. Todd's is a "depot" store for all three fertility drug manufacturers.  We bill most of the on-line adjudicated insurance plans such as Medco, Blue Cross, ESI, Aetna, Caremark, etc.

A Special Note to Practitioners:

Practitioners, you can depend on us to effectively serve your patients and further educate them about their regimen. Your patient can anticipate one-on-one care from someone who understands their needs. When you prescribe fertility meds here, we already know which syringes, needles, and supplies are appropriate. We are familiar with injection techniques and interpreting protocol sheets. 

"I've seen enough cycles and situations in 30 years to feel quite comfortable explaining things to your patients, making the prescribing process very brief and accurate, ferreting out any problems, duplications, or inconsistencies, and offering accessibility that the huge mail-order centers cannot." –todd


We pride ourselves on simplifying seemingly complicated orders and protocols. Our staff can guide you through the process—whether we see you in person or ship to you directly.

Compounding Pharmacy:

Todd's Pharmacy has been compounding preparations from scratch since 2000. Todd was trained by PCCA, and employs techs who are certified and/or have many years of experience. We do not have the facilities for sterile compounding, but prefer to keep it simple—making preparations such as suspensions; topicals; lollipops; capsules; suppositories; rinses and sprays. Again, we are faster than most, and our prices are quite reasonable.